About Us

Four Strings is a dynamic, female chamber group that plays a mix of today’s Top 40’s and classic hits with a post-modern twist. The ensemble performs as two violins, one viola, and a cellist. Four Strings plays everything from upbeat dance music to warm, sultry ballads, to celebrated classical pieces.

As a company, Four Strings defines and establishes equality in an industry largely prioritizing a masculine perspective. This celebration of femininity invites body positivity, encourages expression,

advocates exceptional entertainment and outstanding musicality. 

Four Strings offers services for corporate and private events, international festivals and weddings, and puts up videos for worldwide audiences. They are passionate about making music and setting a great atmosphere for audiences everywhere.




Cat Bernardi, Owner - Erato Entertainment

“It's refreshing to hear strings in this way. Four Strings brings my favourite pop songs to life in a way that I had never imagined them and now can never forget.”


Sarah Jacobson - Bride

"Their music is absolutely breathtaking. I loved them for our special day!"


Andrew Dawson - Groom

“Four Strings played our special song as my (now) wife walked down the aisle. They created the unique atmosphere for a ceremony that my family and friends are still talking about!”